Red Balloon


Red Balloon

Lucy treasured a red balloon
so she filled it up with love
and everywhere Lucy went
balloon followed up above

All of Her friends advised her
inflated loves could fall apart
they can burst with no regret
and break her tortured heart

Lucy learned a terrible reality
After she loved him everyday
some balloons will deflate you
other balloons just blow away

Photo taken from Pinterest

193 thoughts on “Red Balloon

  1. Yesterday I would have told Lucy to listen to ‘them’. Today I would tell Lucy, “Hold on tight to your red balloons and enjoy the feeling. They will burst and fly away in the end but the time you had while you had them, you will treasure for the rest of your life.”
    I’m so loving this side of the Chimp.

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  2. So true, however if you don’t love then you’re never going to find love. Better to love and lose than never love at all. Warm wishes sent with love to everyone and wishing everyone a peaceful life, an end to war and hate in your lifetime with hugs from me xo

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  3. That has got to be best piece of advice on the dangers of love that I have ever had the pleasure of reading! Applause! The simplicity of these words, coming as though from grandma’s beloved voice, cannot but leave on thinking about their own relationship with Love, with all its complexities, successes and failures. Loved the ‘Mary had a little lamb…’ beginning to this tale; gives the advice a certain legitimacy. Altogether a wonderful creation! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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  4. Oh, how you do try me. You write these beautiful words…and I transpose them into sadness.
    My balloon didn’t follow me…or deflate me….or blow away. I tried to inhale the “love I filled my balloon with.” It became lodged in my throat and asphyxiated me.

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    1. The depth of your comments never ceases to amaze me. In your case the balloon never deflated, burst, or blew away. Having followed your blog, I expected this post to elicit a response from you. I hope a prettier balloon eventually comes into your life. A balloon that won’t asphyxiate you. Hugs my friend.


      1. I am a conundrum, aren’t I? Ha. I’m not sure I have the desire to try to fill up another one…actually, I know I don’t….but who knows? I may come back from my luncheon date with either a second wind or a rusty pin. LOL

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  5. Andrew, this is wonderful! I absolutely love it and the commentary contained within the lines. Great personification of the red balloon, all so true. Excellent write, the image is perfect as well. Enjoy the rest of your day. ~ Mia

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  6. Hmmm…I’ve never been a fan of balloons, one popped in my face as a very young girl and I suppose I’ve never really gotten over that. Great post, Andrew! 😀

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    1. Thank you. Sorry, to hear about that childhood incident. Here, I’m thinking I wrote something that wouldn’t give you disturbing images. Hmmm. How do you feel about clowns? Laughing. Thanks for reading. Hope you are having a wondeful day.

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      1. You’re welcome! No worries, it’s alright. I suppose the boy thought it would be funny. As far as clowns go…I would still read your post about them! Haha! This was a good one! My day is going well, I hope you are having a good one too!

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  7. Poor child learned a tough lesson. I hope it gave her strength to face her future and didn’t deplete her so she cowers.

    Your poem is quite lovely, written in the simple ABCB rhyme and iambic pentameter meter of many children’s poems, but with a dark moral to keep it grounded. (Ugh, dumb pun) Nicely done, Andrew.

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    1. Wow you went postal on me talking about iambic pentameter. Laughing. Yeah, i was trying to keep it simple with a child’s feel to it, whilecdelivering the darker message. Still laughing. Thank you for your lovely comments. You confirmed I succeeded in my attempt to write a deeper message in a child’s poemn thanks. You made my day.

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  8. Loved the personification of the red balloon.. Loved the carefree character of her. There is much depth in these few lines, somehow said everything that was needed to be expressed without explicitly saying it. Subtle yet bold at the same time . Thanks for sharing 🙂

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