The Mirror (100 Words)


The Mirror

Henry watched his wife stand before the magic mirror he purchased at the antique shop. The shopkeeper assured him she would love it.

Glowing, Samantha admired her youthful reflection minus every wrinkle and twenty pounds. Platinum blond replaced thinning white hairs. Her leathery skin worn by time, appeared soft and radiant.

“If only I still looked this way.” Samantha passed her withered hand across her aged face, “I was flawless.”

He smiled.

“Look at my reflection. See how beautiful I was twenty years ago.”

“I don’t need the mirror,” Henry replied. “I can see how beautiful you are from here.”


262 thoughts on “The Mirror (100 Words)

  1. After 48 years with my wife the women I still see when I look at her is the one I married, face soft, wrinkle free. Sometimes I’m shocked when the waddle actually shows through my mental vision, or the wrinkles & liver spots peak through. I can’t believe what has happened and yet I rarely if ever see those things. They are inconsequential against a lifetime of togetherness.

    The saddest person I know is a friend from high school who used to be the girl who turned everyone’s head in school. She got used to that attention, and now no one turns to look at her and she’s painfully aware of every women who turns heads today. She invested everything she was in her looks and there is no way to preserve beauty against the ravages of time. And worse still she has no one to see her in the light of who she IS, rather than what she looks like.


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