night streets


He wore his five o’clock shadow
like fine cologne
roaming crowded city streets 
yet so alone

He strolled boulevards and alleys of 
a loveless maze
happy ending became dead ends
along the way

He was a fighter, a rebel, a writer of
words so blue
he was a wanderer forever lost ’til
he found you

Photo taken from Pinterest.



227 thoughts on “Lost

  1. Still now ur poem’lost’is wandering in my mind.most impressive poem.dear dew !!so i like to read ur posts coz i think those r a mirror of my life.


          1. No.you are special one for me.ur coming on my site has become smiling moon with shining stars.u know-i have named to a most shining star-the lonely author.it is become daily routin for me dt at night ,i see dt shining lonely star.

            Liked by 1 person

                  1. Ohh!!again my comment on your post”back to you is desappeared.why?plz search d reason.very beautiful n lovely lines in ur dis post.””every path leads me back to you”what a heart touching n meaningful line.after reading dis post-i feel as nostalgic myself.wonderful,dear andrew!!

                    Liked by 1 person

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