Never Meant For You



Never Meant For You

Just because
you’re my grand obsession
my beautiful poetic muse
doesn’t mean these little words
were meant for you
we both know
there is a clock by my bed
that marks every lonely hour
you’re not by my side
that doesn’t mean
I wrote these words for you
yes, I admit
my lips ache for you
as I breathe your words
crave your prose
which flow through my burning veins
that doesn’t mean these words
were written for you
just because
you’re my north and my south
and I refuse to live
a day without your poetry
as your words fill me with joy
as your rhymes beat with my heart
don’t read between blurred lines
just get over it
these little words were
never meant for you

Hola.  Missed you.  Took a two week hiatus to rest. Lonely Author is well and still waiting for a surgery date. I have kept myself busy writing To Do lists.  Suddenly, after two boring weeks of thinking of To Do stuff to be done, I came to the conclusion I don’t have enough time to do the things on all of my To Do lists. So, the Chimp trashed them and decided to go back to writing.

I will drop by to visit all of you.  Thank you for all of the lovely messages.

211 thoughts on “Never Meant For You

  1. I’ve missed you, Andrew, missed your passion and your poetry – nice to see you back. Absence from writing appears to have sharpened your skills – this poem is excellent. Trashed lists equate successful muse?

    Hope you get your surgery date quickly so your eyes can heal and you can see well again.

    And just so you know, these words were meant for you.

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      1. cast is off but arm is still in a brace – my life not returning to anywhere near normal 4 – 6 weeks – frustrated and upset, but nothing i can do except therapy as guided. a truly unbecoming writer is one who cannot write – argh-h-h-h-h. (i’m a one-armed pirate)

        rest of family doing well, thank heaven. thank you for asking.

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  2. To whom were they meant for then, Lonely Author?! 😉 I am so glad you took a little break to rest 🙂 Your health is the most important! That doesn’t mean you’ve been forgotten or haven’t been missed! 😊❤️

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    1. Lucky for me my problem is eye related and not with my bladder because I would have made a mess of myself You made me laugh so hard. The author of that poem appears to be in complete denial. lol Thank you so much for being such a special person. Ladies like you don’t grow on trees. Only in the most sacred and beautiful of gardens. Your words are always appreciated. MISSED YOU

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      1. Lol! I am so happy I made you laugh so hard! It makes me smile when I can bring laughter to other people. 😊 Ahh, to be in complete denial…sounds like a battle with a certain amount of pride, as well. You are so sweet, Andrew. Thank you for your beautiful words. Wish I could give you a hug. 😊

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      1. Hi, I’m good. Had an extra surgery on 9/30 cause of the clotting problem where they had to do an implant exchange and clean out hematoma. Cancer so far was good, May not need chemo, waiting for test results yet. Then final surgery at some point to put permanent implant in. So it’s not moving as fast as it could, but I’m sucking it up, too! ❤

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        1. We need tosuck it up. Interesting about the extra surgery. My friend who moved to Tampa; had EEE breasts. She had a breast reduction at the start of the summer, now she had another surgery due to infections. And she may need another. Boobies can be so sensitive. Hope you’re feeling well and without pain or discomfort. xoxo


          1. I’ve never been spent attached to my boobs, but they are being a real pain lately. There are some final steps where they would liposuction and use the abdominal fat to soften both breasts and make them match better. But now because of the bleeding issues I think they may recommend against it. And why borrow trouble, right? It’s not like I’m going to be in Playboy for goodness sakes, 😉 there’s some pain, not bad, just a lot of sitting around. I need to write more!

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  3. Welcome back! I was just thinking about you yesterday, hoping all was well, and here you are! 🙂

    And, technically, Sir Monkey, I believe blogging counts as something “to do,” though I could be wrong about that… 😉

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  4. Beautiful prose. I can feel the ache in your words. And the yearning in your heart. Love is all encompassing. No matter the source. Be it writing or partnership. It was the reason we were born. Thank you for sharing your passion. It flies off the page. Wishing you a healthy & fulfilling day!💫

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      1. Thank you so much Drew, we are shuttered and “hunkered” down awaiting this hurricane that is bullying us along the Florida coast. I no doubt will lose power tonight and don’t know when it will be restored, meanwhile, thank you for the beautiful poetry! Take care. Holly

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        1. Hunker baby, hunker. I remember living in Miami and having to hunker down for these storms. Wasn’t fun. I wish you and yours a safe… passing of the storm. And may the light be with you. Be well, get inspired, and be safe. I will think of you and mention you in my prayers. (Yes, I pray). Take care.

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  5. wow, wonderful poem Andrew. Glad to know you are well, my friend. Sorry to hear that you had to trash your TO DO list due to lack of time, Allow me to suggest you something please, why not set priorities to some of the things that needs to be done, how about this? Again, you know better!! 🙂 I hope whatever you do brings you and your family good. My best wishes to my humblest and kindest friend in the blogospehere, Missed your writings!! Take care xx

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    1. That sounds like a great idea. The truth was I was trying to rest my eyes, so I started the to do lists to keep my busy. I found out I rather write. Thank you so much for all of your kind words and support. You are a special person who brings joy to so many I am a lucky man to know you.

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      1. Nice Andrew, that you gave rest to your eyes and I ADMIRE your passion for writing a lot. 🙂 🙂 Wishing you health and happiness. Lucky? I am more Lucky to know you !!! Take care, Have a great Friday! 🙂

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    1. Suffering from blurred vision. Suddenly developed a cataract in the right eye from so much trauma. The cataract won’t let the doctors see the damages in the retina. So it may be as many as two or three surgeries. That’s life. Great hearing from you. Good luck with the new job. And as for the edits;
      believe I know how that feels. Be well.

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  6. Glad you’re back. On one hand, maybe she’s self-absorbed and the words have nothing to do with her. On the other, he “doth protest to much”, who’s he trying to convince?

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  7. hi, i just nominated you for the 3 quote a day challenge. Love your blog.

    Here are the rules:

    Three quotes for three days.
    Three nominees each day (no repetition).
    Thank the person who nominated you.
    Inform the nominees.

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  8. Most welcome.dear dew.wonderful.n meaningful poem at d time of enter in blogvilla.Hey amazing lonely author !! You write for all guys n as your chimp likes and i steal some meanings in your much i am selfish.plz donn’t mind if I do such work because among your bloggers n followers,there I am one too.wish you a lovely n happy weekend.

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