forever haunting me


This little thing was inspired  by a recent conversation……


forever haunting me 


Her metaphors possess me
like a supernatural entity
clinging to my soul in desperation
Refusing to release me
as if it never had a body
to claim as its own

The ghosts in her verses
engrave poetry on tombstones
inside the graveyard of my heart
As her poetry eternally echoes
for her words are spirits
forever haunting me



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317 thoughts on “forever haunting me

          1. I have a feeling you will like the other comment too that you have retrieved from your spam. Do you mind if I accept your gracious gratitude on behalf of that too, to save you the trouble?(smiling)
            I am truly delighted that my words have given you joy. Bless you dear.

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            1. First, I have had this problem crop up before.
              It wasn’t only you that fell in Spam. There were nearly 40 comments there. My blog does bulk dumping into Spam. So, I will be getting to your other comment soon. Thanks for the heads up.

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  1. I think first loves that we have lost will always haunt us.
    However I try very hard to focus on the love I have presently and supports me.

    Cheers, Jules


    1. Always better to concentrate on current loves. The ghosts of the past can hurt.
      Thank you so much for reading my poem and for your words. I appreciate your time.
      Sorry, for the delay in my response. This was sitting quietly in my Spam.

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      1. I have had an issue with several good ‘friends’ that now always end up in spam… So now I have to check daily.

        It is odd how old flames spark memories. 😉

        No worries.

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