pockets full of solitude

pockets full of solitude


Pockets full of solitude
accompany me
down desolate streets
as I think of you
wrapped in the silence
of your room

Red lights taunt
Like school yard bullies
Your words haunt
Every step I take
Rushed into a dead end
I should have read
the signs

Trapped in darkness
I find solace
when I imagine
your loneliness
walking hand in hand
with mine

364 thoughts on “pockets full of solitude

    1. Interesting thoughts Linda. Having no family, I have often found myself alone for the holidays.
      In other years I have felt profound loneliness.
      This year I am alone, but not depressed.
      I like your definitions.
      Thank you for sharing your treasured thoughts.

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  1. A beautifully composed, lovely lyrical poem! Well done, Drew! You say so much in so few lines. I actually love and crave solitude, introvert that I am. I definitely need some time by myself each day to think, write and pray. Though being lonely is quite different from being alone by choice, of course. 😊

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  2. I loved this! And it’s so true that there is a difference between loneliness and solitude. One is a choice you can live with while the other is sometimes forced upon you or beyond your control. Beautiful poetry as usual 🙂

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    1. Flattered by your kind words. Yes, there is a difference. There are may hours in the dayt where I treasure my alone time. Then, there are other times…….

      Thank you for your encouraging words. I appreciate each and every one of them.

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    1. Roy, I have two sets of replies to this.
      First, very grateful for your words. They inspire and motivate. Always cherish your comments.
      Second, LOVE how you said the character’s emotions. Not once assuming it was me I was writing about. You are a treasure.

      Soprry, for the late anniversary message, it has been a challenging week, and I am beginning to catch up on blogging reading.
      You and Ms Sparkling. Seriously, you guys give me hope. Thank you for that

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      1. Drew, your comments are the best my friend and can light up the darkest of days. They too are also inspiring! And the way you write, I will always assume that you are bringing your readers into the world of the art and not you because that’s how poetry can be done, relating to the reader and you do that so well🌹.
        Better late than never is my saying, your wishes are so appreciated and I hope your challenging week becomes easily manageable my friend. Catch up when you can, we know you are here for us.
        She is amazing and thank you for your kind words, we are merely trying to give each other hope also🌹, you help us with that my friend by your support.😊

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  3. your loneliness
    walking hand in hand
    with mine

    What a wonderful line and thought! I relate to your poem as those silent conversations that seem to continue with whom there is no more continued communication. Somehow those silent conversations are comforting. Beautiful poem as always.

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  4. You’ve got a way with words that’s so captivating and mind blowing.
    Late night strolls in the glow of the city lights always brings out the dreamer in me, it can be such a beautiful experience to be alone with oneself discovering and exploring the hidden paths in our soulful hearts.

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  5. The last few lines make me ponder the question: can two people be together and still be lonely? And I’ve always found that answer to be yes. I think it’s one of Life’s most painful things, to be with someone you might care about a lot and still feel lonely, Anyway, I don’t think that’ the message you were trying to convey with your poem, but that’s the trail of thought your poem led me on 😅

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    1. All poetry is up to interpretation. So there is no wrong answer or meaning. I have known many couples who are lonely together. That may be worse than being alone. Honestly, I am a clown and very big on communication, so I never really experienced that. Lucky me.

      Happy rerad ans ashared your thoughts. Always enlightening to hear what a poem means to someone else. Thank you for your words. Grateful.

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  6. So beautiful my brother! I am rarely truly alone except in my thoughts. This year I am an odd mixture of loneliness and solitude. I have a big family on my side and hubby ‘s and three sons who live close so lots of caring and comfort. I’m afraid none of it will truly reach the emptiness inside right now but that’s okay. Time will heal and I will regain my spirit and my independence and laughter. Wishing you a warm and wonderful Christmas, Drew. Hope Santa is good to you…

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    1. I am sure you will have the company of family with you around the holidays, but it will not be enough. I am certain you will still feel alone.

      My heart goes out to you. Nothing I can say will ease yourt pain. Please take good care of yourself. I pray you will be well.

      Wishing you peace and comfort . BUG HUGS

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    1. I can’t help but think of you when I wrote this. I asked myself, how many times has she walked alone wishing she could feel a connection that is no longer there.
      It got me all treary eyed. Thank you for sharing yur thoughts. Be well.

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      1. Dear Andrew thank you so much for your kind thoughts. You are so compassionate and intuitive. I’m really touched by what you wrote.. So grateful to know you. *warm hugs* and love, ♥. Niki


  7. I seek Solitude, Drew, for it comforts me in ways that it enables me to Connect beyond this dimension. Loneliness on the other hand, I do not seek, yet at times it does seek me. The Holidays are at times tough for me yet above all else I still do have choices to bring happiness to myself despite the loneliness that knocks at my Inner Door. Love the imagery in your poem. Thank you. 💝

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    1. Loneliness and solitude are two different things. I welcome solitude.
      I find inspiration during those moments.

      I hate to think a person as sweet as you could ever feel lonely.

      Thank you for your kind words. They inspire me to write on. Thank you

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      1. The way my life is structured today, Drew, tends to draw loneliness to me which I really must fight off. Little by little I’ve accepted my life as it is right now knowing this too shall pass. Life can be very complicated and uncomfortable at times. Most especially during these times, we have learning opportunities by the bundle, if we but choose to see them.
        I’m humbled to know I inspire you to write on. Thank YOU! XOXO

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          1. I will pray for you. I am determined that this year I will not get blue! SO many I have lost and one baby just recently. God help me, that takes a toll. I must focus on the positive side of life. Shall we do so together? XOXO (Go see my latest post that you missed. That in of itself should get your inner child playing! It’s called Dazzle Diamonds). BIG SMILE! 😉

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            1. Oh, I have had so many holidays alone, I am numb to the loneliness.
              Thank you for your prayers. I will do the same for you as well. Sorry for your losses. It makes it so difficult this time of year.

              We must always focus on the beauty of life as you always do with your camera.
              Loved the post. It was amazing.

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  8. One may gravitate toward many perspectives with this one, as I’m sure is the intention, like that of all great pieces of poetry. Personally, I interpret this as one whom has found himself at the unexpected end of his relationship, and had he took the time to see beneath the surface of things, then perhaps, it could have been prevented. Though, now the realization has hit him, he has also discovered her pain and loss from this will be the burden he will carry also. Thank you for sharing your great poem, it was a terrific read.


    1. Humbled by your lovely words. Thnak you.
      Love your interpretation. That is the wonderful thing about poetry. One poem can have a thousand interpretations.
      Thank you fore your very lovely read and for sharing your thoughts. Your comments always encourage me to write on.
      Thnak you

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  9. As always, a good, and even great poem. But I could not understand:

    ‘I imagine
    your loneliness
    walking hand in hand
    with mine’

    How can he be lonely if and when he is/was walking with You, that too hand in hand?


    1. Thank you Sherline. Sorry for my late reply. I had too many messages pile up on me during my holiday blogging break.
      Thank you for your very kind words and wishes.

      Wishing you and yours a warm, inspiring, and wonderful 2019 full of love.


  10. Goodness, goodness!! You have so many comments here! How do you keep up? Do you have a full time secretary? No way you can be lonely with soooo many admirers here!! And I can see why. Very beautiful, heart-felt post! I’ll be back. ❤


    1. Haha
      It is difficult at times. A bit overwhelming answering the comments. I am lucky to have a wondefrful following of very loyal bloggers.

      Thank you for your kind words. They are treasures here on my blog. Very grateful for you sharing your thoughts.
      Sorry, for the late response, I took a bloggin break over the holidays.
      Hope you had a warm and festive season.
      Wishing you and youjrs all the best in 2019


    1. So, grateful for this beautiful message.

      Maria, I was on vacation in the Dominican Republic when the padnemic outbreak occurred. The island
      went on lockdown and I couldn’t get out. All of this happened while my doctors wanted to give me
      emergency heart surgery. Yes, the lockdown continued and flighht after flight were canceled.

      I finally got back to the United States last week. And my heart procedure will be tomorrow.
      Smiling. That was a lot.

      I just wanted you to know I will be gone for a while to recover.

      It is wonderful to reconnect with you. Hope you and everyone you love are well.
      Please, be careful.
      again, thank you for your beautiful message.
      It is appreciated


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