our little secret

our little secret

My love
everyone wants to know
our little secret
can’t they see
you live in my poetry
For every beautiful word
every little inflection
is an alluring reflection
of you
For I never seek inspiration
in the birds or bees
or classic Greek tragedies
This poet writes
by inclination
Don’t tell anyone
of this little revelation
there’s no denying that it’s true
our little secret
My heart beats metaphors
just for you


425 thoughts on “our little secret

      1. I have missed your intoxicating words while I was away taking care of a loved one, it has been a long few weeks however your delicious poetry warmed my soul and I am feeling quite bubbly now 😉! Thank You for being you!


    1. I am so flattered and touched that you think this was worthy of reblogging.
      You are kind and generous to share my little poem. Really happy. Your kind gesture made my day.
      Thank you so much.

      And apologies for the lateness of my response.


      1. I am fine ,my dear dew!! Please recover soon-it is my prayer.just now i have published a post on your name .if possible,please read that.perhaps i have received your answer by your blog(Barman😊)🌴bless you,my dear🌹

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