The Lonely Author on Youtube

The Lonely Author on Youtube

The Lonely Author on Youtube will be a forum for novelists to promote their work. A corner for poets to recite their poetry and describe their poetry books. Hopefully, the channel will become the place for bloggers, poets, and our writing voices to be heard.

Get to know me, as I take you to the beaches of Florida & the Dominican Republic. Let’s chase humpback whales, beautiful sunsets, and exotic women.

The Lonely Author and his blogging and Instagram friends in 3D, premiering this coming Monday, February 15th.

The Lonely Author on Youtube.

I am in the process of completing my first video, but I will leave comments open for a day or two.


352 thoughts on “The Lonely Author on Youtube

  1. Hello Andrew nice to see you back my friend ….good luck with video cant wait to see it God Bless You always in my πŸ™β€™s


  2. Loved hearing your voice live Drew and what a great Idea…. It’s a date as long as I don’t have to commit to a time. Glad to see what you’ve been scheming up. Looks dreamy! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    πŸ’– Cindy

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    1. Cindy, you can listen to my nonsense any time that is convenient to you. Yeah, I have been thinking about this transition for some time.
      Hopefully, people will like it and follow me.
      Please don’t forget to subscirbe.

      Thank you for your beautiful support. I treasure your words and support. You make me feel blessed. Thank you. You have me glowing.

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  3. Drew, first of all – Welcome BACK! I’m so happy to hear about your venture and in your own voice – how poetic! This is a year of massive changes and there couldn’t be a more welcome one!

    I almost skipped a beat when I saw my book featured on your video! How you made my day! I am eternally grateful and I think I know now what people mean when they say their souls did a “happy dance” – I wish I could tell you how quick the transit of my emotions was from low to high, perhaps like the tide in those beautiful, blue waves you just took us to.

    The video was shot beautifully, so enrapturing and thrilling – almost like watching a trailer unfold leaving excitement in its wake.

    If only words could truly express gratitude!

    Hugs and gratitude, siempre!


    1. Thank you. It feels so good to fnally feel healthy enough to be back. Yes, this is the year of changes
      and I have been thinking of this for some time. I think the time is now for this project. Thank you for
      your enthusiam. It makes me so happy.

      Grateful I was able to lift your spirits. It is funny how life can bring these moments into our life.
      There have been moments I have been down, and the right person comes along, sometimes a complete stranger,
      but it is a person with the right message that we needed to hear. Pleae have a better day.

      Grateful for your words, reaction, and support.
      We will have to discuss this further.


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  4. Hello there
    Its Gunjan Rathor this side.
    Author of β€˜The First Steps’ book and co-author of two more books. Presently in 12th standard PCB student. From Raipur, CG India
    Right now we are preparing for an anthology and came to Know that you are a good writer. It will be great to see you joining usΒ 
    If you want I can send you more detailsΒ 


    1. Gunjan, thank you for reaching out to me. I am flattered and touched by your offer.
      However, I am so tied up in my transitioning my blog to Youtube, I am afraid I cannot
      commit to anything right now.

      Perhaps, later this year.

      Again thank you for the offer.


        1. Cannot thank you enough. So appreciate your kindness and support.

          When you finish that first book let’s chat. We can coordinate posts on your blog and mine, as well as our channels.

          Again, thank you so much


  5. It would be great to listen to poetry on your channel! Florida is beautiful, I lived in WPB for three years. Have seen a bit of Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Key West. Now I’m back to my homeland where I live with my family.


    1. You are so sweet. I am touched by your kind and supportive words.
      They resonated in my heart.

      Thank you so very much. I appreciate your kindness and support.
      You made my evening.

      Apologies for the late response. This new channel has me so busy.
      Please, take good care of yourself.


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