Top Ten Reasons

Top Ten Reasons You Know You Are A Writer

10 – You overhear a conversation about a plot at the cemetery and your mind automatically thinks horror story.
9 – Your stories at the dinner table are always character driven.
8 – The question “What have you published?” can be as annoying as your third grade teacher running her fingernails across the chalkboard.
7 – You complain because the conversations at a dinner party sound nothing like dialogue.
6 – You assume exhibitionists are great writers since they prefer to show instead of tell.
5 – The last time you received this many rejections was at your senior prom.
4 – Every time you watch a good movie or finish a great book your first words are, “I wish I wrote that.”
3 – You miss your bus stop because you were too busy writing an imaginary description of the eccentric lady sitting across from you.
2 – You ask the waiter at your favorite restaurant why there is no page numbering on their menu.
1 – Naming a secondary character in your manuscript provides a greater challenge than naming your unborn child.


40 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons

      1. Oh, I know, I have done that too! That’s why I started writing down all of these great lines I’d find in books or movies, or heck, even graffiti on a bathroom wall one time and that was the start of my commonplace books! Lol, I never really thought of it this way but I think my commonplace books are really just a compilation of envy from cover to cover 😉

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          1. It wouldn’t be even a pamphlet lol! So far I have only found the one back in the early 1980’s but it was a good one! This was during the Reagan Reign of Terror when we had high inflation: “Inflation defies the law of gravity.” I read that while doing my bizness, and maybe it hit my funny bone harder at the time because I was so drunk, but I wrote it done in my commonplace book the next day. And I still like it!

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                  1. bahahaha!! 🙂 you can ask my students, they don’t usually think I am funny, but “weird” 😀
                    I always take it as a compliment.

                    And about yoru back, your back seems pretty fine from the picture you have on your blog 😀

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  1. Hi – had to laugh out loud when reading this. All of these ideas actually prove that the one in question is not only a writer but also a very committed one, especially if wishing to have numbering on menu pages in a restaurant, hahaaa.
    – Ruta

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  2. i’m not really a legit writer but this —– 4 – Every time you watch a good movie or finish a great book your first words are, “I wish I wrote that.” —— is sooooo me

    it’s fun to hang around here 🙂

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