The Story Behind Your Smile

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The Story Behind Your Smile

A sad tale resides inside every
tear that moistens our cheeks

A legend illustrates the scars
we wear like proud badges

A saga explains the triumphs
and tragedies of our lives

The only thing I need is to be
the story behind your smile

Photo of my wife Allie taken by me (August 2015)


200 thoughts on “The Story Behind Your Smile

  1. Lovely!! Appreciate your words, but strength that you’ve been is probably one of the big reasons for her smiles!! Please accept my bows!! Because it’s very easy to make someone frown, but to make the same person smile, is a big Achievement!! Lots of love to both of you!!πŸ˜˜β˜ΊπŸ‘


    1. Because of that wonderful lady in the photo, I was rescued from hell. She means everything to me. And during our difficult times, she was always positiver, full of hope and faith, and smiling. Thank you. Be well.


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