The Beautiful Redhead


The Beautiful Redhead

She wore her red hair

like a fragrance by Chanel.

An elegant tapestry of

silky curls and waves.

The ebb and flow of her locks

calming like a starry night.

If she only knew

what I would give

to caress her hair tonight.


Photo of redhead from Google Images.

DISCLAIMER: I am the Lonely Author and I approve of this message.

269 thoughts on “The Beautiful Redhead

  1. Damn, I don’t know how i missed this. You didn’t appear on my reader. Lucky, I came to your blog today, while i was reviewing my followed site lists. Your redhead is a beauty as is you poem

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  2. Forget blondes,its all about the redheads! A friend of mine is engaged to redheaded man.. Works for her.. I don’t see many redheaded men, but some are quite striking in looks.. The jury is still out for me!

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    1. I will agree. Your poetry is beautiful full of intimate touches. I see you have been asked before to write one for brunettes/blondes, will you also write one for brown-(chestnut) haired girls? You know “chestnut” rhymes with “doughnut”…and “butt” lol ๐Ÿ™‚

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