We Fell In Love In A Metaphor


We Fell In Love In A Metaphor


We met in a poem as poets often do
Cause our words opened poetic doors
As we slowly fell in love in a metaphor

This love has grown with every rhyme
As verses carry the pain and hope that
Our meters will stand the test of time

These red feelings will eclipse eternity
For long after we have turned to dust
Our love will live forever in our poetry.


This was for you N.

141 thoughts on “We Fell In Love In A Metaphor

  1. OMG! Be still, my heart. Can I focus just on the “This was for you N” bit for now? My heart is beating so fast, it might come out of my mouth, or my eyes like this 😍😍😍
    But all your poems are for me..jokes aside, this is as beautiful as your love for me and so replete with your love that the buckles of my heart are bursting open and I have no control over it.
    Thank you my love for the treasure of your love and for the irreplaceable gift of you. You are the only one who makes even a drab day feel like the bestest of days. I love you.

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    1. You made my night with your beautiful comments. I thought you would appreciate the dedication. Yes, I write for you and about you.

      Speaking of gifts, I have a request Love. Use this title and write about us. Can you do that for me? I.love you so much. You are inspiring. ❤ ❤

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            1. You do realize I purposely gave you that challenge so my readers, our shared followers, can see the difference between a lovely poem and epic, mind blowing, breathtaking poetry. You didn’t let me down. So proud of you.


              1. No I didn’t know that. You are the best. But honestly, your validation matters to me. True lovers of poetry are extremely rare. I’m just glad you read me the way you do. And I’d write even if you were the only person in the world to read me. My poetry lives because you breathe life into it. So grateful to you.

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  3. wow! so many times the shortest poems are the greatest!!!! this is beautiful. i wish i could write something short that has this effect, i always have too much to say!

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  4. “These red feelings will eclipse eternity
    For long after we have turned to dust”

    Andrew, I am going to stop leaving comments for you. I am running out of things to say because your words render me speechless.

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    1. Happy that you enjoy my poetry. And thank you for thinking of me regarding the lovely award. However mine is an award free blog. Between the blog, my manuscript and dedicating time to my beloved, I really wouldn’t be able to participate. Again, thanks for nominating me. I hope you understand. Have a great day.

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  5. Beautifully and succinctly
    expressed as always, Andrew! I had to smile at the thought of “meter” also being used for any type of device (i.e., an actual machine or gadget) designed to measure time, distance, speed, or intensity or to regulate current. Could that play on words be said of love, I wonder? Surely true love is immeasurable. Just a thought… 😊

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  6. Aeons ago
    You gave me a call
    Aeons ago
    I searched your eyes
    I did not know
    You were moved
    Did we fall in love?
    Did love arise?

    Your hands wrote a rhyme
    That my eyes read
    My heart sang a song
    Our metaphors matched

    Slowly we keep falling
    And love keeps rising

    (oh stop ✋ Ismail, don’t embarrass yourself☺, the guy seems to have gone nuts 😂)

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    1. Brilliant, Ismail. That was the story of Andrew and I you penned so beautifully.
      You did not embarrass yourself at all.
      My love is just waking up, he’s now drinking coffee as he reads your comment and lets me answer for him. Thank you.

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  7. Lonely Author, Tubularsock views it a bit more crassly.

    A metaphor you say
    Sometimes there then thrown away

    How about something with some weight
    Measured in karats is not too late

    Forget your metaphor and poetic forms
    Pay up for love or just be gone!

    Cheers amigo.

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  8. I don’t believe in “always”
    I know that the universe is
    An ever changing place
    But I imagine you
    Closing your eyes
    And saying always
    I want to think that
    You are “my” truth
    That the truth will not change
    And last through my life time.
    Thank God
    I don’t believe in eternity

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  9. That’s so beautiful written. You’re so talented and this piece of work is just extremely amazing. I love the way you have described. Whoaaa don’t have words… I am glad I came across your blog, and believe me you just blew my mind with your poetry. Already followed you for such future posts. Keep up the good work buddy


  10. BTW I have started blogging recently and trying to make it a full time career. I would be happy if you can give your feedback on my content too. Thanks


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