they belong to you and no one else

they belong to you and no one else


Jammed my jellied kisses into mason jars
Stacked them all neatly upon a shelf
Stored away all of our antique memories
they belong to you and no one else

Folded all of my unused embroidered hugs
Finding chores for my lonesome self
Bubble wrapped eternal promises unkept
they belong to you and no one else

Fine pressed caresses are hanging off a rack
Staying busy since you left me by myself
Polished all of the shiny vows meant for only us
they belong to you and no one else


Apologies for this bad poetry, Lonely Author can’t find his mojo.

380 thoughts on “they belong to you and no one else

  1. Yeah, the whole mojo thing…. best when it’s rising, poignant when hiding, hurts when it’s lost, abounds when found.
    I like the poem. It’s moving, in the right direction.

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  2. Share the love and share the pain. Love will grow and pain will drain. Carry the good memories, heart will heal.
    We can only offer solace, knowing how you feel.
    Just remember, it is also not easy for her.
    Almighty brought you together, now you are far (apart).
    Keep light of love burning, something good (of this) must be there.

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    1. Flattered this touched you. Truly am. It came from the heart. Thank you.

      Regarding the friendship. We spoke a few times after she DUMPED me. We were planning on being BEST friends. We laughed and cried together on video chat. But honestly, Nandita started saying hurtful and cruel things to me during these video calls. Why would I subject myself to this additional pain?

      Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words, I truly appreciate them. I wish things could have turned out differently, but things ended up exactly the way she wanted them to.
      So, I sincerely hope she is not acting like a drama queen on her blog. Although, knowing her like I do, she craves the sympathy and attention.

      Have a wonderful evening.


        1. No, please please please accept my apologies. I shouldn’t have said any of those things. So sorry. I really thought this love was forever, and when it ended I thought we would heal together through friendship, Just didn’t work out that way.

          Again, I am so sorry. I spoke from this deep pain inside. Embarrassed too.


        1. We are all adults. There is no taking sides on this. If you want to read great poetry, follow her blog. She is by far the greatest poet on wordpress, and I truly expect her name to one day be mentioned along with all of the great poets in history.

          But there is no need to take sides. You can follow her and be her friend as well as following me.

          So so so sorry for my words earlier. Made a fool of myself.


                    1. I am very sorry to hear this, From our interactions, I have learned you are a kind and sweet person. No one should have to experience pain or unkindness. Very sorry this has happened to you. If you ever need a friend to talk to I am here.


  3. No such thing as bad poetry coming from you my friend, especially when it comes from the heart. This is an amazing piece of work that symbolizes love that is kept and hope that is still there, I knew you wouldn’t give up. Your heart is in this poem and I feel it, everything stacked and ready to be unpacked for that special moment! The title says it all, you are amazing Drew, and it will show and you will know.🌹

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    1. Roy, I applaud you. Your words bring me such joy. You are a bright beacon during the darkest storm. Thank you for that.

      Sadly this piece, one of the best things I ever wrote for her, will not be viewed by the Queen’s beautiful eyes. After our break up we spoke a few times and she said hurtful things to me. I unfollowed her and she is not following me. So, I know she hasn’t read this.

      Thank you for your great support. You were NanDrewIta’s greatest supporter., I will always appreciate that, as I am sure she will. Appreciate your visit and words.

      And hey, still waiting for your post.

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      1. No problem my friend Drew, and you and Nandita were a bright beacon on dark waters also. Bad things comes from broken hearts but they aren’t meant.
        This piece is probably being viewed, you never know. One just doesn’t unfollow a love that you two had, I refuse to give up on you two. Fight, follow her, do anything. This was meant to be. Maybe she has read it, no one knows but the heart and the eyes.
        Try. I still support you guys.

        My post will be up soon. Thanks again Drew, you’re awesome!!

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          1. Thank you again my friend for your support. And please do, trust me when I say your heart isn’t the only one hurting. She wrote a very lovely poem similar to yours, I’d swear you both were still writing together.

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  4. Hey there..i have bee away for a while and as i pop back i realized so much happened ..i am deeply sorry..yes we know this too shall pass but the pain and memories will i believe live on…

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  5. I thought this was quite apt, my friend. It captures well the heart’s desire to shelve the love once freely shared or to give away the treasured gifts. Sometimes a woman tests a man’s resolve in ways for which there is no defense. It isn’t necessarily cold and calculated but born on the fury of past hurts, it can seem that way. With every rose, the thorns are not far away. Take heart in the gentle love that was there while the thorn pricks heal.


          1. Yes, I never check spam but found a string of comments and my answers in spam after someone asked me to look. WP finds very interesting ways to keep us on our toes.

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  6. I don’t think it’s possible for you to lose your touch. You’re a true talent with words. I think you’re very lucky to have the gift of poetry, because it’s a great way of letting feelings out. I know when I was getting over my ex, I wrote down countless poems. I look at them now, and it’s like my best work. It just released all this creativity and art, and I believe made me a better writer.
    Keep penning your thoughts and you’ll sail through this.

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  7. Please do not be so hard on yourself! You did just go through something that was a little heartbreaking. Even though you are questioning yourself, this was still a beautiful poem. I do believe you will find your mojo again!

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  8. This is true poetry. It is beautiful. It is the kind that happens when the heart hurts so deep and poetry becomes the only solace if any. The kind that touches every reader deep.
    I haven’t said a word before in comment. But I prayed for the both of you to heal the pain. For gentleness for your souls. The beauty of Love that happens deep also cuts deep. May you find the healing with most ease possible.

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    1. You are very generous with your compliments. Thank you. Happy you appreciate this poem that came from the heart. Thank you for your kind words of support. Writing and laughter will be my healing tools. Your words are very much needed and appreciated. Thank you.

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  9. I like this poem. I felt your emotion though every single word. And I know all about mojo. I call it the desert. All is for Good and when you find the Oasis, and you shall, your mojo will be that much stronger.


  10. When the heart speaks it is never “bad poetry”, My Friend!! Really loved your words, the feelings and insight! You painted a really great picture of the process and pain of “stored away all our antique memories”!! Thanks so much for continuing to post and share with us during this difficult and painful time!!
    Sorry for the outcome and difficult time you are experiencing! Perhaps, you can identify with this post of mine!!

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  11. ‘Polished all of the shiny vows meant for only us
    they belong to you and no one else’

    Your poem is so honest and direct. It’s like no fluff, pure feelings. Loved it to the core πŸ™‚

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  12. What better medium than poetry, to express the pain of a break up. You are in the company of many great poets. I think that in life, the more passionate a relationship, the worse the hurt, bitterness, and feeling of rejection afterwards. It makes it much harder to remain friends. I’m so sorry about Nandita. Just promise me you won’t leap into another relationship on the rebound.

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    1. No, I won’t be leaping into another relationship. That is the worse thing anyone could. Rebound relationships always fail.
      Yes, poetry is a great medium for expressing one’s pain and for writing our pain away. Thank you so much for sharing your kind wishes and observations. I so appreciate your concern. Thank you.

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