First Sight

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First Sight

It didn’t matter how many times he looked at her
He’s seen that smile a thousand times before
He was familiar with her morning breath
But for some reason he always needed more

It didn’t matter how many times he looked at her
Routine days followed by repetitious nights
So many times he saw her at her worst
Each time he admired her it was love at first sight

Photo taken by this happy chimp.


99 thoughts on “First Sight

  1. Falling in love, over and over, is evidence of true love. Gorgeous piece, my friend. I see Mrs. Lonely Author is enjoying her new modeling role.

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      1. Yes, it’s good to connect again. Work has been very busy so I’m a little behind on my blog reading but trying to catch up. 🙂 I’m enjoying your recent theme of love stories and poems. Hot.
        Hope the health issues aren’t too serious.

        Have a great day!

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    1. hey beparvaah !! ye such he na love at first sight is unforgotten may be it is belonged one side .bakaul GHAALIB -“ye isq bhi buri shai he;verna hum bhi aadmi the bade kaam ke……”.

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            1. Very good.plz never tears coz of ur beloved happieness.u will be happy she become happy n u will be sady then she become worried.coz dil ki awaaz doosre dil tak jaroor panhuchti he.tum mano ya na mano.dt is reality.

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                    1. Tum pukaar lo;tumhaara intezaar he………..dil bahal to jaayega is khayaal se;haal mil gaya tumhaara mere haal se…..
                      Beparvaah ji bahut si baatein aapke saath share karni he,karu kya ?haan kahoge tabhi bataaungi bt fb pe. Plz reply me soon.

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  2. Hey lonely dt beuriful girl is ur friend or wife.if wife u r i remember a song -“teri ek nazar ki baat he;meri zindgi ka sawaal he……”as famous poet GHAALIB said in urdu -“is maasumiyat pe kaun na mar jaaye e Khuda;vaar bhi karate he to charcha nahi hota,hum aah bhi bharate he to ho jaate he badnaam…..”.plz translate these lines n try to understand dis.definitly u enjoy it.

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      1. When she kill emotinaly u then no one notice dt;when i (you) cry then people criticise u in many way –according of GHAALIBa famous poet.other lines has meaning -,”what i say u,o my beloved;in front of u dis is my emotional condition;a question of ur first sight is dt thing ,without dt my life is not worth living…..dis song is belonged any hindi movie.i have translate my dis morning’s lines send by me to u .i know u will never translate dt.still now u could not translated our moviePaakiza n actress’s beautiful feet n fall down in her life.chalo koi baat nahi.(left dis topic n be relax)now u reply me dt my above translated lines of a song r have u felt after reading dt?

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