The Pharaoh’s Wife (100 word manuscript excerpt)



The Pharaoh’s Wife


“Can love last forever?”

“How dare you ask me after I’ve watched my Aziza die one hundred deaths?”

Painful memories clicked through Amani’s mind like old time flicker films of the silent era, each heartbreaking recollection reopening ancient wounds.

Angelo interrupted, “I didn’t mean to…”

“I’ve watched her die at the hands of barbarians, disease, slave owners, and the Black Death.”

“Please stop.”

“Time can heal the wounded heart, but it can hurt the waiting heart.”

Hands aching from all of the times he’s buried Aziza, Amani sighed.

“Can love last forever?  Eternity wouldn’t be enough time to love her.”



Palace guard Amani is cursed to live forever when he is caught making love to the Pharaoh’s wife.  Millenniums later, he befriends Angelo, a cranky Vietnam veteran who searches for his long lost love.  Sharing the story of his five thousand year journey searching for his perpetually reincarnating twin flame, Amani the immortal, learns the true meaning of life from his dying friend.

Originally titled “The Pharaoh’s Wife,” my current manuscript (first draft) is the story of two men, an immortal and a dying man, sharing their tales of love and life.  I am considering “Eternity,” “Forever,” and “A Time For Us” as titles. Thus, it officially remains unnamed.

This manuscript, my notes. and outline, have been registered and are protected by the U.S. Copyright Office (within the Library of Congress). 



257 thoughts on “The Pharaoh’s Wife (100 word manuscript excerpt)

  1. You begin with such a haunting question and in just a few words take me on a timeless journey and in the endlessness of it all you give me hope despite the pain that will surely return over and again. So Beautifully traveled. 😌

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    1. Smiling. Happy you liked this. This is the project consuming my time.
      For an immortal to say eternity wouldn’t be enough time, well, that says so much about this love.
      Thank you for yur wonderful words. I am grateful
      Sorry, for the delay in my response. I took a six week blog break and am now catching up to the old messages,
      Hope you are well.


  2. “Time can heal the wounded heart, but it can hurt the waiting heart.”
    What a line!!!
    Been gone far too long. But, I’m so glad to return and find this intriguing piece. Stay focus, persist in spite of the cold spell of creative ideas and be aware when the story call for you. Because, you have me waiting and as I wait I desire to know the twists and turns these two men will encounter. I know I will not be disappointed for you are a very good, creative writer.

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  3. Loving the direction of this. First of all it’s a philosophy I abide by but more importantly you are awakening dormant information within the many sleeping minds with the overarching theme. You, my dear writer are brilliant.

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    1. You have floored me with your comments. So flattered. Speechless, well almost speechless,
      Lonely Author always fiud something to say. Happoy yuo liked this. This is my current baby.
      Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement. I can’t thank you enough


    1. I had the sudden opportunity to travel with friends. Rented a large SUV and drove. Explored all of the New England states and cities (including Boston . BARF)
      Went to Niagara Falls. From there drove south to Florida, dodge that big ugly hurricane then spent two weeks exploring every inch of Florida. Had a great time making memories. So, all is well. Thank you for your concern Sis.

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      1. Well, shoot, we might have crossed paths! We were in Quebec City, Halifax, Bar Harbor, Maine and the extremely pricey Boston the end of September. Glad you had fun! We had a great time but Florida would have been better weather I’m sure! Well, except for the hurricane…


  4. l Love concept, words, mean draw intriging and why not, life intriging?
    I appreciate you.
    From Spain. viajamos visitamos nos interesamos por la vida y cultura ejipcia. ohhh. manuscritos ejipcios,… ohh
    Bello, bella, feo guapo diferentes.
    Ahhh el poder y la huella de Nefertiti, en su tiempo su legado… Regards.

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  5. I was captured by your opening line and you never let me go. I had not read any of your manuscripts and I was pleasantly surprised. I read one of your comment replies abd I lived in Florida for 20+ years in the Kissimmee area. My favorite area was the middle Keys, Marathon and Islamorada areas. If my first wife had lived, we’d be living there now.

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