the essence of you



the essence of you


Fragrances come and go
While your scent lingers
Breathing new life
like a paramedic
mouth to mouth, soul to soul

For you are a potpourri of aromas
A bouquet of love poems
Enchanting my senses
A whiff of romance
On a starry night in June

You are the perfume
Resuscitating my heart
As I breathe love
Every time I inhale
The essence of you



436 thoughts on “the essence of you

    1. Very happy that you think so. Flattered by your lovely words. Thank you so much for reading and for yoour lovely comments. Sorry, for the delay in my response, I was away fro six weeks ands I amswampoed in unanswered comments. Thank you for reading and for your kind words.

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  1. You’ve returned from the depths of who knows where, my friend! I know I liked this post before but not sure if I commented. Beautifully done, I think essences have the power to bring back a memory of a person or event much more forcefully than anything else. So happy to see you are here! I’ve missed your writing…


  2. Most welcome,my dew!!after most waiting,at last you have come is my good luck.your this poem is reposted by you.plz write some new things.just now,i have written two poem of G-I will go on Via Dolorosa and in season of my sorrow.wonderful post written by a pure soul but i have felt a touch of pain so much -i am feeling myself as depressed.plz write something such inspiring post which can remove my depression.hope-you will be fine n happy after a long time’s you.

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      1. Those poem are two n three days old n you have commented on them something like digesting with two cups of are most wonderful n humours person,dew and G is most emotional n pure soul.


    1. I had a sudden opportunity to go on a long road trip traveling through the entire eastern coast of the United States. It happened so quickly, I didn’t have a chance to make an announcement as I usually do. Thanks for reaching out. I tried to do a little blog reading, but it was hard cause of the long hours on the road.

      Hope you are well. Spreading your positivity and sunshine no doubt. Will catch up with you soon. Thanks my friend.

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      1. Ah! Road trip are always fun my travel globe trotting, rum spotting friend.πŸ˜‰. I was missing you. That’s great that an opportunity like that came up, I hope you are having a great time, but then again, of course you are. Live life my friend, that’s great and I am so happy for you. Read when you can, party like the animal you are😜

        I am good, thank you much. I stay smiling, I do my best. You take care, look forward to reading about your journeys. Be well Drew.

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          1. Traveling is fun, wow!! A month of taking s scenic view, lucky you. Lots of memories and of course you made new friends, you’re magnetic my friend😁. I’m glad your trip was a success.

            Always a pleasure🌹🌹

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    1. My life is turning into one vacation after another. eah, my third vacay of the year, but this one was all of a sudden and unexpected, so I didn’t leave an announcement as I usually do. Very happy you liked this poem. I really love it myself. Thanks you for your kind words and support.

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  3. I love this! My hubby always teases me about catching whiffs of this scent or that (esp with food!) He said I must’ve been a bloodhound in my past life. Or a polar bear. Or a shark πŸ˜–πŸ˜‚

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