You are the elegance of a whisper
The deep longing in my verse
The passion of a first kiss
The crescendo of a sigh

You are a garden of fantasies
An arrangement of dreams
The bloom of my smile
A bouquet of sunsets

You are the reason I breathe
The exhale of my balladry
You are a sonnet of love
A scent of poetry

248 thoughts on “you

    1. Veery flattered and sefriously so happy. Keeping it fresh can be difficult, but for me, a man not currently in love with anyone, well, that was of a challenge.

      Delighted that you appreciated this poem. Thankful for your words and read.


  1. Very nice very lovely. My day was well spent and although being locked out of my motel while it was still dark outside, I talked to a lot of people today. With the buses and walking around, I can say I sufficiently wore myself out. But to wake up to the poem was a beautiful ending to a lovely day. Thanks for posting it. And I’m so so wore out that I can scarcely keep my eyes open even after a nap!

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