Back To You

lonely-girl-wait-on-the-road-miss-youBack To You

My shoes are worn
cause I have walked
through every maze
in search of love.
I am a proud knight
riding lonely carousels
searching for a lady
while fighting windmills.
Dead ends always greet me
as I move in no direction.
I missed you here
nostalgic over there,
a journey never ends
when shortcuts don’t exist,
I strolled down winding roads
traveled both sides of the fork
without the use of a compass
I found out I was never lost.
Cause it doesn’t matter what road I take
when every path leads me back to you

Photo from Google Images.

A throwback for my newer Followers. Have a wonderful day full of sunshine and smiles.

217 thoughts on “Back To You

  1. “Every maze” ” no short cuts” those to cut me so deep wow. I love any piece that can make me feel something and this one definitely has. I hope you find what you need and that “the lonely author” becomes “the happy in love author” although that’s a bit long I’m sure you’ll figure out something better. My point remains that this is a great one

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  2. Gorgeous and dreamy. Just wanted a quick dose of you and this was… you’re so romantic sometimes, lol. But not a real lol, just a nervous one!

    Honestly, sometimes I wonder how you even glanced in my direction

    Liked by 1 person

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