tonight, i long to be the moon

tonight, i long to be the moon

sitting on this lonely beach
i know you have never been mine
yet i wonder if you are alone
or nestled in someone else’s arms
has he ever kissed your silences
embraced the painful tears that fall
like autumn leaves inside your soul
does he fill your nights with light
or inspire romance in your eyes
will he make your darkness his own
as he watches over you
tonight, my love
i long to be the moon

Photo taken by me on an evening tour of a lighthouse.


398 thoughts on “tonight, i long to be the moon

    1. When a woman is silent, there is something important on her mind. A man needs to kiss that silence and find out what is troubling her.

      Isadora, I am thrilled you liked this poem and that you pointed out that line. Your words always make me smile. Thank you for your wonderful support. It is always appreciated.

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  1. Your similies and your play on words had me reading this several times, Andrew. Very cleverly written but not only that what is woven throughout this entire poem is the intense longing I felt for what was written. Intriguing picture, just perfect in fact.

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    1. This was a special poem for me, so your appreciation and words really touch me. The narrator just wants to illuminate her nights, fill her eywsa with romance, and watch over her.
      Thank you for your wonderful praise. When an inspiring person say these things to me, well, my soul floats n the wind.
      Thank you.

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      1. Andrew, the emotion I felt in this poem was deep and I could tell you, the writer was very passionate when writing those words. Your person of inspiration must be very special indeed!! You are so talented …. every time, and I mean every time I get over here, you take my breath away! You need to be published!

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    2. Hi The Lonely Author,

      Greetings! I concur with AmyRose’s earnest feedback. What a lovely and evocative poem you have composed!

      It is clear that you show a great degree of enthusiasm towards, and affinity with, the moon and its hypnotic power over lovers.

      Therefore, SoundEagle would like to resonate with you and your post by introducing you to the enchanting poems and images published in a post whose title is “If My Name Were Moon Tonight…”, which is quite comparable to yours named as “tonight, i long to be the moon”.

      My said poem is available at

      In addition, considering the relevance and quality of your poem, I have decided to hyperlink and mention your post in my said post.

      May you find this autumn and the rest of the year very much to your liking and highly conducive to your writing, thinking and blogging!


      1. Thank you for your kind words. They made me so happy. I do have a connection with the moon
        and a much stronger one with the sea. I agree with you, the moon does have hypnotic powers
        of romance.

        Thak you for sharing your poem. I was glad to read it and it resonated.

        Thank you so much for the mention. I appreciate your kind gesture.

        May each new day greet you with love and inspiration.
        Thank you so much.

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    1. Smiling over here. Your appreciation touches me. A man should kiss her silences.
      A silent woman is a woman with worries or concerns. A man needs to address that.

      Your beautiful words thrill me. You always make me so happy with the things you
      pick up in my poetry.

      Thank you for your wonderful support. You are a trwasure, whether it be wine or
      tequilla, LOL . Thank you.

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      1. 😂 I feel the same about getting the opportunity to know you through words – it’s quite wonderful😊
        and not many men truly grasp the core of a woman.. I believe you do..
        To realize her silence is a smothered scream to be heard- loved and touched.. it’s really beautiful ♥️
        you’ll be a treasure to some lucky girls heart – if she doesn’t already exist 😘

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  2. Drew, sorry for being here so late. This is another masterpiece. Pretty sure it touches everyone’s heart. It certainly touched mine. It’s a classic and it is classy. I want to frame it. Can I?
    It’s late. You must be asleep. I hope you can hear the ocean. I wish I could.
    May your morning be filled with love when you get up.


    1. Smiling so hard. Those lines along with nthe one about romance in your eyes, were meant to convey exactly what you expressed.
      Thank you for your beautiful praise. It makes me so happy that you think so. Thank you for your beautiful words.

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  3. I’d love to tour a lighthouse in the evening, to look out over the hushed silences, to see lightness sparkle across the expanse below. You’ve personified so silkily, like with “has he ever kissed your silences, embraced the painful tears that fall”. So emotive and touching. Your creativity is beautiful, Drew. x


  4. My most lovely friend!!you are most kind hearted,honest and sincere to God.really i admire your you tell me-i have deleted that post.okay my dear!!bless you.
    Plz not send your comment in draft.i feel disturbance when i want to reply you.

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    1. Smiling. So humbled by your beautiful words. I agree with you, Ihope every man at some time in his life feels this way about a woman.
      It makes life much more interesting and rewarding.
      Thank you for your thoughtful words and beautiful appreciation of my poem.
      I am grateful for your visit and comments. They truly filled my soul with joy.
      Thank you.

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  5. I seen your Inspiring Women post and that sounds so awesome of you Drew, you are all heart my friend and your words are a testament to that. I think it would be amazingly touching if you featured my lovely Sona as one of the Inspirational Women and I know she would love that because we talked of it. As you know, she received a PhD Research Medal Award for her teaching that we just celebrated.
    Drew, you are an amazing soul putting together something like this and recognizing the quiet but strong women inside to bring them out to meet the ones that are out already. A true artist of the heart you are, you have our admiration my friend.🌹


  6. I just (well not just) visited an interesting lighthouse in NJ. 1874 Hereford Inlet Lighthouse 🙂
    When it was modernized the Fresnel lens was put on a lower floor… It was a nice place to visit.

    Belonging to the moon could be a good thing.

    Busy with autumnal chores. And of course writing a new series – Banking… there’s a page for the links.
    Health-wise all is good 🙂


              1. Some I make myself some got stored in my memory over time and some are from a artificial intelligence robot that generates them


  7. For you know very well”the painful tears fall like autumn leaves inside your soul..”,so much amazing feeling to long a moon like you touch everyone’s pain.for me this poem is shining in my heart like a diamond,my dear friend🌹

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