at the edge of an eclipse

at the edge of an eclipse

a slow dance
our cheeks melting
my melancholy clinging to your soul
i shut off the moon
so we dance at the edge of an eclipse
as my loneliness gyrates
in the darkness
pressing gently against your hips
I inhale your womanhood
it inspires me to kiss
a poem onto your neck
the one I could never think of
the one confessing
I desperately need you
i am slowly dying of love


297 thoughts on “at the edge of an eclipse

    1. Laughing….dying of love doesn’t sound so bad. We could die of worse things.
      Thank you for your very beautiul comment. I am touched by your wonderful words.
      Thank you always for spreading the love and smiles.


    1. Smiling as I read your beautiful words. Almost made me want to dance. Thank you for this lovely
      comment. You really made me happy. Thank you for the smile and for sharing your treasured thoughts.
      I appreciate it so much.


  1. Ah, Drew!
    Illness can’t slow your passion. You’re as incurably romantic, as ever.
    The poem is beautiful. I feel the dance.
    You realize that by kissing a poem into a neck, you have brought a new, deeper meaning to the old term; necking.
    Have you found a way back to Florida, yet? πŸ’œResa


    1. Aw Resa,

      Illness only makes me love more (as my own internal pain has demonstrated).
      Your words are music to my ears. Resa, seriously, so happy you liked this little
      thing. Your opinion means so much to me. So, I am touched.

      Necking. Hahahaha. That was a good one. Perfect term to. lol

      Florida. Airports reopen on Saturday, April 4th which is the date I am scheduled to return.
      So, as of this moment all is well. Thank you for asking. I will keep you posted on everything.

      You are so good to me. Oh, I have a little surprise coming for you.
      You shall see. Smiling my sinister smile.

      Thank you for everything honey. You are an angel.
      So lucky to have found you.

      Please, be safe. No alleys or art. Only gowns and your cats.
      πŸ’• These are pinkish. lol

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  2. First, that photo, that is sheer poetry in a picture! “We dance at the edge of an eclipse…” how do you do it? Your poems, they are just so…what is the word I’m looking for? You take lines and metaphors and make them new. When you think everything has been said, you write poetry in a way that really makes one stop and think. I often have to read your poems a few times before I understand what they are saying. That last line…”I’m slowly dying of love,” I think I feel that a little bit tonight. It’s a melancholy night, so I will likely write a poem tonight for the first time in a while. I’ve had such writer’s block lately. Every time I try to write, nothing comes. But tonight the words come. And when I need a little push, I just go read one of your poems. Thank you fellow lonely poet for the inspiration. Hugs xoxo

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    1. Melissa, I thik you are going to live a long time. Just seconds ago I was thinking of you. I hope you are taking good care of yourself. Things have gone terribly wrong in this world and I need to know my beautiful friend is doing everything in her power to stay safe.

      Regarding the post. I really liked the image. I thought the black and white of the photo went well with the idea of an eclipse and her falling over the edge looked as if she were falling off the edge of the eclipse. Thank you for mentioning it. I work to find symmetry in these posts. So, you made me happy.

      Your words and praise make me so happy. So gald you enjoyed this poem. Touched by the way you always take the time to share your thoughts and beautiful heart when discussing my poetry. You don’t just tell me what you think about my poems, you tell me how you feel. That is priceless.

      Sorry, you are experiencing a melancholy night. hope it does inspire you to write a poem. I have missed you greatly.

      Hope you are well. HUGS. You won’t need to sanitize after mine. lol

      Be well Beautiful.

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      1. I won’t need to sanitize after hugging you…LOL! That’s a good one. haha!
        How odd that you were just thinking of me and I was on your page writing a comment. Sometimes I swear that we are connected by our minds. But kindred spirits will do that. (And you will have to watch Anne of Green Gables to understand what kindred spirits mean. πŸ˜€ )
        I am doing everything in my power to stay healthy and safe my friend. I hope you are doing the same. You are often in my prayers that your surgery will be a breeze and you will recover quickly and live a long and healthy life. xoxoxo

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  3. You should definitely publish a volume of your love poems, Drew. You have such a unique, inimitable style…such lovely verses deserve an eternal audience!
    “…kiss a poem onto your neck…”
    I mean….damn… do you see what I mean?


    1. Biting my lip as read your gorgeous comment. I have thought about it from tme to time.
      Perhaps one day I will. Thank you for the encouragement. I am grateful and flattered.

      Kiss a poem on your neck……
      Damn, I wrote that? lol

      Honestly Isha, you may not believe this….sometimes I surprise myself.
      This was one of those times.

      Grateful for everything.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I believe you because I can relate to that.

        Perhaps because creating art is so ephemeral that it is almost as if one is driven by one’s higher self during the process, which when complete, leaves behind something so dazzling, that even the artist’s own eyes need some getting used to!

        Let me know when you publish, so I can gift a copy to you – with a lifeboat to keep you afloat as each wave of surprise washes over you πŸ˜€

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  4. “Kiss a poem onto your neck”…nothing could be more sensual than that! And “shutting off the moon”…promises more sensuality on your mind!
    Would you mind if I just sigh deeply….mmm…


    1. Mind if sigh along with you? Oh, I wrote that, I am not supposed to be sighing.
      I find little kisses on the neck to be very sensual. Even the image of a man kissing
      a woman’s bare neck can inspire me to write.

      I was kind of happy with the images I used in this poem. One of the few times I am actually
      happy with something I write.

      Thank you for your beautiful words and appreciation. Always touched by your insight and
      kindness. Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sigh along, Andrew. Wait a minute…you are not supposed to sigh? I hope you are well, my dear.
        I agree, it is a very sensual image. I am happy too with all the images you have used…but I am happy with all your poems. 😊
        Andrew, your verses gladden the romantic in me…so, thank you!!
        My pleasure, beautiful soul.


  5. This poem is so beautifully written!!! I have no words to explain the feelings it has awoken. I love the word eclipse and I have been dying to use it in a poem but the word eclipse i feel is a very beautiful word and feeling and had to be used very beautifully. I have never used used because i think i cant do justice to it.

    Writers like you make me want to work hard, think hard and write better.

    Thanks alot for sharing the peom.


    1. I am flattered and grateful for your lovely words. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
      Truly grateful.

      I have always loved the words eclipse as well. In fact, the day I wrote this poem, I wrote
      another one about eclipses. There is something magical about the words and the occurance
      that calls out to me.

      Blogging is all about people inspiring people. Photographers inspiring photographers.
      Poets inspiring poets.
      If I inspired you in any way I am touched.
      Thank you for this most amazing comment. I will treasure it.

      Be well and stay safe.


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