dress of sand


Don’t know why, but I am feeling a little beachy today.

dress of sand

It was love at first sight

When the siren arrived bare

For the nudist wedding

Only to suddenly discover

It was a dressed affair

She knit a dress of weeds

With a sexy little slit

But it made her look all soggy

So she continued searching

‘til she found the perfect outfit

Asking the maiden for a dance

I reached for her tender hand

The siren broke my heart

For she had no desire to ruin

Her pretty dress of sand

Happy Valentines Day


201 thoughts on “dress of sand

  1. How did she make a dress out of sand? (Happy the one made out of *weeds* didn’t work out for her…) And why would she ruin it if she took your hand? Were you trying to brush it off her? That image is now running rampant in my head….And she broke your heart??
    I kind of liked her at the start when she arrived all naked and siren-y and stuff but then she disappointed me…
    Who’d refuse a dance with Mr. Lonely Author, especially when not dressed appropriately..

    I do like you when you’re all silly. This made me smile

    You still slipped in a little line about love at first sight, though so I’m impressed at your romance even on a sandy beach of silliness.


    1. Okay, let’s see how I answer this.

      She buried herself in the sand and started moving her arms?
      The weed dress left much to be desired. I mean, no woman wants to look soggy.

      You know, Im kind of agree. It’s not like I never danced with a naked woman before. Well, actually, they weren’y naked. They were wearing shoes.
      Enough about my escapades. Focus Lonely Focus.

      Haha . A sandy beach of silliness. Describes my brain perfectly Fiery.


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    1. The photos are the work of three close friends. I used to search for them, but now I have three unnamed bloggin friends who send me dozens of photos every week. My daughter also contributes to the cause. I have a library of about 4,500 images. So sorry for boring you with the details.
      Thank you so much

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    1. Grateful that you think so. Thank you so much for your kind read and words.
      I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Mine was great, thank you.

      Sorry, for my late response, just got back from my vacation

      Again, thank you so much

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  2. I walked alone the street and encountered various valentine decorations and stands. I received a pair of heart-formed chocolates while buying a novel in a book shop. She said the chocolate hearts wrapped up with red glittering gift paper were the special treat for Valentine. I smiled and said thank you. But it was this lovely poem that put me into the real Valentine mood.
    I hope her dress of sand and the sound of waves are soul-comforting.
    Happy Valentine, Andrew.


    1. Isabelle, I am so touched by this gorgoues comment. It truly reached my heart. Thank you for yur beautiful words.
      It made me so happy yo read this.

      Apologies for my late reply. Life has been challenging and mesage piled up on me,
      Thank you for your beautioful support and wonderful words.
      I hope everything is well with you.

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      1. It’s good to hear from you, Andrew. I’m not always certain if my comments will be interpreted in the way as it’s intended. I’ve made quite a few comments on different blogs and it’s been times that I felt concerned and worried. I don’t want my comments to appear inappropriate, or worse, offensive. Sometimes I think it’s better to keep quiet.
        Have a lovely weekend.


          1. It is always good to hear from you, Andrew. I hope you enjoy living in your lovely apartment. I loved that balcony view.

            I’m fine. Life is full of ups and downs. I have to cope with it and I’m still learning.

            Take care.


  3. Andrew, I knew you’d have something wonderful for Valentine’s Day and you didn’t disappoint. Hope you’re enjoying yourself on your vacation. (Some women miss the best opportunities. Some guys too. A dress made of sand. A heart made of weeds?)


    1. I had a great Valentine’s Day. Hope yours was beautiful.
      Thank you for your words.
      They are appreciated.

      Sorry for my late response. After vacation I have been stuggling with a cold and fever.
      Finally getting to all my comments.
      Thank you

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  4. lonely:

    What a wonderful descriptive lark you found yourself on. Sorry Tubularsock missed it.

    Perhaps next time (do these occasions happen often?) you could add a little Portland cement and stones with that sand to create a more durable concrete dress.

    On second thought that could end up in one of those heavy dates. Forget it.


  5. If you throw a few sand crabs on her, I’m sure she’ll come out of that sand dress real quick. Lol. Enjoyed this one, Sir Andrew! Hope you have a beautiful Love Day, my friend.


    1. There are days I am so silly. I love the beach. That is why I am going to try to move to Florida.
      Thank you for your beautiful and supportive words. You are a ray of light.
      Apologies for the delay in my response. My life has been a whirlwind. And today, I am determined to answer
      every old message.
      Thank you for being you. No one better to be.

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      1. Ah so awesome that you are getting back to these! Life does have its way and it is a lot to keep up with. Your poetry is all we want to have in this space. You bring such beauty with all you do, so you are very welcome 🙂

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  6. Wonderful poem.an eternal truth about of life.every body’s dress is made of sand.hey dew!!you have become a philosopher now.amazing imagination of your pure soul’s thought.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹


  7. Dear dew!!hope-you are enjoying your trips.HAPPY VALENTINE DAY ,DEAR DEW!! Your poem seems as a light poem on on feeling beachy but image and lines have deep meaning related to mortal thoughts about human.i think that you would remembered you any lost beloved.however it is so much soft and lovely poem.i was hoping that you will write something about love for your muse.are you not celebrated Valentine Day?plz reply,dear!!


      1. Oh dear dew!! I am really very sorry.today i was most busy coz of official works.just this time,i have seen your comment.plz no say sorry because you are a tale of love actually n already.my dear friend!!

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  8. Plz,dew!!write something related to love of your muse.can you not write it today.i am giving you a topic”Silence echo in love”please write on it.i have commented before but that is disappeared from your blog.how?but left it and accept my request and write some new amazing.


  9. Oh my dear saint valentine!!what is happened to you? I have commented on your poem thrice but you have not given any response.any problem?if you want that i do not comment on your posts then right.now i will not give you any response.may be i am boring you.


  10. Every time my all comments are deleting on your blog.dear dew!! Forget me nots.As God say me i am the shadow of your soul.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹even though you want to do plz do as you like.your pillow will be wait for some one,i wish that as you want to share your pillow ,may God fulfil your wish soon.thanks for sharing a new lovely poem to day.


  11. Lonely, this is really inspired, and more. The rhythm, the cadence and the humour are very alluring. This poem is like the velvet gloves I wear from time to time. They look great, and feel better! Happy belated Valentine’s! ❤
    (I know you're on holiday, so when you have time, I have a new Art Gown)


    1. Oh, Resa, my blogging soul mate. Apologies for this late response. My life has been a hurricane soince I returned from vacation.
      But I am sitting here with a bottle of wine and replying to every single one.

      My Valentine’s Day was lonely. Ate alone in a great restaurant while other couples had their romantic dinners.
      What can I say. It was still great. Spent hours on the beach making new friends.

      I hope I didn’t miss the new gown. Let me know. Yiour blogs remind me of that Aerosmith song. I don’t wanna miss a thing.


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