the poem that you wrote

the poem that you wrote

last night I found
the poem that you wrote
sleeping on my pillow
between a lullaby and a dream
scribbled on yellowed music sheets
with ink from my unopened fantasies
your lyrics sang of passion
a garden of eternity and jasmines
rhymes of me and you watching
our lonely silhouettes
making love beneath the moon

343 thoughts on “the poem that you wrote

  1. Oh how I’d love to find a poem like that underneath my pillow. Beautiful as always, Drew.
    I hope you’re keeping as well as possible.. I often think of you but I don’t want to push or pressure you, please just know we’re all thinking of you in the blogging world  ♥
    Caz x


    1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts Caz. I truly appreciate them and your amazing support.
      Taking plenty of naps. Eating well. No drinking or pillaging or plundering.
      Getting myself ready for April.
      Thank you for your beautiful words.
      They wwre even amazing to readx throiugh the tears.


  2. Oh, if the moon could but share lovers secrets?
    The other day when the Worm Moon was full and setting around 4pm it was so large in the blue sky…
    I think of the Asian tale and see the rabbit in the moon – there are several different stories to entertain 🙂

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